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Whether you're looking for a great place to buy a painting on a weekend road trip or an inspiring and beautiful community in which to start a new life, The 100 Best Art Towns in America puts you on the right track. New Mexico author John Villani details all you need to know—from a town's lifestyle to interesting places to dine and must-do art festivals—written from the perspective of the nation's top arts travel writer. The communities profiled in this fourth edition of The 100 Best Art Towns in America range in size from under 1,000 to nearly 100,000 in population, but all have one thing in common: a strong sense of support for the visual arts, performing arts, and music.
If you're considering retirement or scouting out the best location for a second home, Retirement Places Rated is an invaluable sourcebook. Nearly 200 top retirement areas in the United States, both traditional and newly discovered, are profiled.They're ranked and compared for cost of living, climate, health care, economic factors, crime, services, cultural life, and recreation. Included are climate graphs, maps of retirement regions, comparison charts, and demographic profiles of each area.
From Library Journal- This is a pleasant little book to help you find a pleasant little place to live. Crampton, who defines the essential institutions of a small town as a high school and a hospital, warns against living in towns that have allowed big-box stores to suck the vital juices out of the downtown area and instead advises choosing places that have figured out how to renew resources and provide a sense of community. He offers one page of information for each of the 120 towns listed, including geography, climate, schools, recreation facilities, sales tax rates, per capita income, the cost of electricity, and the average cost of a home.
The Great Towns of America will be the premier guide to America's 100 best towns. By popular demand, the author has taken his "Great Towns of The West" concept across America for his seventh guidebook. If you want an exciting place for a vacation, away from the crime and congestion of cities, in a place abounding with scenic and recreational opportunities yet with all the fun and excitement, culture and amenities you can handle this is the first complete guidebook based on personal visits by the author. If you're looking for a more permanent respite from life in the city, handy data on weather and livability statistics may tempt you to stay longer. From Bar Harbor, Maine to Key West, Florida; and from La Conner, Washington, to Palm Desert, California; this book will tell you what the 100 best towns in America have going for them in attractions, restaurants, lodgings, weather, and personality.
Learn about climate, cost of living, home prices, taxes, crime and health care in America's best retirement spots. Meet the retirees who've made the move and hear how they like their new hometown. Includes top picks in every region and highlights unknown and inexpensive retirement meccas.
This best-seller makes headlines coast to coast with its candid, fascinating look at all the factors that contribute to our quality of life. Sometimes controversial and always thought-provoking, Places Rated has been completely updated with the latest statistics. It's packed with timely facts and unbiased information on more than 350 metro areas in North America.Whether you're mulling over the idea of relocating, trying to decide where to start out, or just curious about how your hometown stacks up, you'll be intrigued by Places Rated Almanac. Places Rated ranks each metropolitan area on a number of essential factors, many of which are of vital interest in today's economy.
Cities Ranked & Rated: Your Guide to the Best Places to Live in the U.S. & Canada provides timely facts and unbiased information on over 400 U.S. and 30 Canadian cities in an easy-to-access format. Whether you're mulling over the idea of relocating, trying to decide where to start out, or just curious about how your hometown stacks up, you'll be intrigued by Cities Ranked & Rated. In addition to providing population statistics, each city is ranked on a number of essential factors, many of which are of vital interest in today's economy. Categories include: economy and jobs, cost of living, climate, education, health and health care, crime, transportation, leisure, and arts and culture. Easy-to-use tables help you put this wealth of information to work to find the city that best suits your special needs and interests.
Seventy-six million American and 10 million Canadian "baby boomers" born between 1946 and 1964 are moving toward retirement in an era of increasing affluence and mobility. Providing information on 60 of the communities that are most rich in amenities across North America, this handy sourcebook guides retirees toward outstanding places to spend their golden years. Careful consideration was given to the final 12 criteria covered for each place-landscape, climate, quality of life, cost of living, transportation, retail services, health care, community services, cultural activities, recreational activities, work/volunteer activities, and crime-and each review includes a discussion of each characteristic as well as a city map and climatic table.
Moving to a Small Town is the first systematic guidebook for scouting a thumbs-up small town among our nation's 35,320 candidates. It helps you determine if you're right for small-town life, tells how to recast your career, calculate the costs, and make a place for yourself.
For travelers looking for quiet and historically rich destinations, Larry Brown presents the complete guide to the very best of the nation. An increasing number of people are choosing to escape to small towns for their weekend getaways or vacations. For Americans enchanted by the idea of a quiet weekend away in a bed and breakfast or historic inn, America's Most Charming Towns & Villages is the definitive guide to the country's quaint treasures. Each state is represented, along with advice, itineraries, and information on everything from finding valuable antiques to the best places to stroll down a country lane.

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