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Step 1 - Define Goals
To begin your search, the first thing to do is to look within yourself. At this stage of your life, what things are the most important to you? What is it you're seeking to make your existence more fulfilling and enjoyable? It is important to contemplate these things before you set out to find your new life. Different places have different vibes and your objective is to find one that is consistent with your personality and goals.

One of the best articles on this subject appeared a few years ago in a Fast Company article. It is an interview with Richard Leider, a founding partner of the Inventure Group, a Minneapolis based career training firm.
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There are also several websites that allow you to select from various personality tests that will give you a deeper insight into yourself.
  • Human Metrics - has a free Jungian Typology Test that will indicate your personality type, preferences, and general lifestyle description.
  • has a section that offers career assessment tests including personality, career interests, skills profile, and values assessment. Some of the tests are free and others have a reasonable fee.
  • offers over 100 different tests that you can select from-some are free. They state that over 50 million people have taken tests at this site. Test categories include personality, career, health, relationships, and intelligence.
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